The Way of the Heart

I decided to "refresh" my website, only three days after launching  a new one on meditation.

Over a year and half ago, I changed the name of my site, after an inner prompting urging me to call it "Dwell in Your Heart."

Since I first launched a website in August of 2007, I've been lucky and blessed to have been led to people that helped execute what I had in mind for a reasonable price. But I had never done the work of building or maintaining a site myself. It was simply beyond the purview of my skills and ability.

Recently, a couple of friends re-did their own sites, and following their suggestion, I decided to take a stab at doing so. It was incredibly easy to do, and very empowering in the end. Not only was I able to create and redo two sites, I also successfully transferred my own domains and hosting services.

As I prepared to begin a new session of yoga classes, just as I was revamping my site, I reflected on what it truly means to dwell in the heart.

When we choose the path of the heart, we choose to live from a place of integrity - seeking to have our actions and everything we do - or expose ourselves to - to be in harmony with our hearts and our spirits. 

When we live from the heart, we strive to live in a way that is more compassionate - more caring - and ultimately more concerned with the welfare and wellbeing of others.

When we choose the path of the heart, we stay clear of those things that prove vexing to the spirit and which pulls us out of our center. 

If we choose to dwell in our hearts, we choose to grow. We choose to experience oneness - we choose to forgive and let go...

I was moved to read stories in yesterday's paper of Rwandans - perpetrators and their victims coming together - victims forgiving those who had killed their family members and loved ones - with both parties posing along side each other for pictures. I studied the pictures of all the people in the article, profoundly moved by the actions of both - perpetrators actively seeking forgiveness and their victims - giving it, knowing that their choosing to do so, would forever free them on some level, from the captivity of hatred.

When we dwell in our hearts - we choose to live from a place of openness and vulnerability that changes us - that transforms us to our very core. It is not an easy choice, but I really think it is the only one to ever make.

Dwell in Your Heart

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