May All Beings Be Free From Suffering

We live in perilous times, or so it seems. But if truth be told, we are always in the midst of conflicts somewhere on our planet.

It just seems that everything appears more persistent and in our face constantly.

Like many, I am overwhelmed by the suffering of those in the path of destruction everywhere - certainly those in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey who will spend months if not years trying to recovery from the devastation - but elsewhere as well. The constant struggles in the Middle East and Africa don't always get our attention - such as the cholera epidemic in Yemen, and the endless civil war in Syria, but they are no less deserving of our compassion and assistance.

The truth is, many are suffering everywhere - and we often forget they are our brothers and sisters. They need our positivity, our well wishes - but most especially our lending hands and the sharing of our resources. We must be Good Samaritans.

There is a beautiful meditation practice often referred to as "Lovingkindness" and also known as "Metta." I created a few of them this week. In these meditations you wish the best for others. You visualize their health and well-being and send them healing energy.

These meditations are posted on my YouTube Channel and my Meditation Pure and Simple Facebook page. I've included links to the pages and meditations here. Feel free to like and follow the pages for daily 90 second meditations, designed for you to take a brief, yet sacred pause in your day. They are free and a labor of love. Share them with your friends.

I believe we are meant to make the world better - one action and one person at a time. If you feel so inspired, practice Lovingkindness, and then explore how you may best serve your fellow human beings.

"May all beings suffering everywhere,
be well, be at peace, be heathy, and happy."

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May All Be Free From Suffering

May All Be Safe

May All Be Well

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