Silence is a Superpower

Silence is a superpower.

I bet you never knew that!

Neither did I, actually.

I was just talking to my dear friend Lisa recently, and we discussed our different strengths. Sometimes we don't really see ours - or at least, they may not be immediately visible to ourselves or to others.

My friend and I spoke about how some people come into the world to make a splash, but others affect the world more quietly. Some come in to anchor energy, and by their quiet, and unnoticed contributions, they still manage to make a big difference.

Some of us shift energy quietly and gently.

Some of us teach. And others listen and learn. But the truth is, we all do this at various times throughout our lives. We are teachers and students to one another over and over again.

Some of us are here to be activists. Some of us hold space for others. And a rare few can serve both roles just as skillfully.

Lisa described all of these abilities as superpowers that we have and can deploy as needed. 

And then she reminded me, that my great need and desire for balancing the active parts of my life with long periods of quiet and silence is my gift to the world, and my superpower.

So I tried that on for size.

Wow! Silence is MY superpower!

I know I can make a difference by meditating and praying for others, or sending them healing energy, whether it is requested of me, or a spontaneous offering. And so can many of you.

I remember visiting the Trappist Abbey of the Genesee in upstate New York in my twenties. The Abbott at the time, had been a novice under Thomas Merton, and his monks had very little exposure to the media, which at the time, consisted mostly of newspapers and magazines, and a few TV channels. At first I found it very strange. He explained to me that the vocation of these monks was to pray for the world - to shift the energy on the planet as it were (my interpretation), and that this work was best done in silence and away from distractions.

Now, in my sixties, I get it. Silence was their superpower as well.

Today, reflect on your many gifts. You have them. See which one stands out in your mind? 

What is your superpower?

Then go unleash this gift onto the planet!


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