Offer Blessings to Everyone

"Offer blessings to everyone:
To those who are good,
and to those who aren't."

It has been almost a year since I last made a blog entry. I needed to take this year for self-reflection. deep listening, and to engage more deliberately in my spiritual practices. It has been a year of a great spiritual pilgrimage and the loss and passing of beloved friends, but more on that later...

To offer blessings to and for another, is one of the most powerful and transformational spiritual practices I know. That is not to say that it is easy.

Recently, I was consumed thinking about a relationship in which some hurtful things were done and said on both sides of the equation. As I walked, my guides simply spoke to me on an intuitive level: 

"Offer blessings.Yes. 
Bless this person. 
Just bless him or her.
Let go, and think of something else."

Humm I thought. Easier said than done!

But as I was only halfway into my walk, and I did not want to spend the other half dwelling on past slights or perceived infractions, I considered I had nothing to lose.

And so, I took another step. I thanked this person for all the good I had experienced. I thought of the gift of this friendship and all that I had learned as a result. And then I simply said, "I bless you!"

And guess what? 

I immediately felt some relief. And I let go. And then my thoughts almost instantly drifted on to something else.

So now I invite you to do the same...

Think of someone who has hurt you very deeply. You might be holding on to them and this experience very tightly.

Think of one positive thing they did for you, or said to you.

Experience how it made you feel then, and how it makes you feel now. You might find yourself feeling lighter, but it doesn't matter if you do or not.

Then simply say, "I bless you!"

Repeat again later, or maybe tomorrow, or whenever the image of this person or the conflict surfaces again in your mind.

This practice is ultimately for you. All practices are about our own inner growth and transformation. It is not about changing others. We are not responsible for others and their actions. 

The truth is, the more we practice, the more we change. And the more we change, the more others change. And the more others change, the more the world changes.

Yes, it is that powerful.

So today, just begin by offering one blessing and see where it leads you!


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