The River Calls: Essential Precepts Practice Two

There are many variations to this practice that I am about to share with you. 

Anyone who has studied Reiki will have learned a version of it and you can find them online.

There is no right way or wrong way to say them, just as there is no right way or wrong way to walk a spiritual path.

While many understand Reiki to be a healing technique with origins in Japanese and Buddhist practices and traditions, brought to the West and adapted to Western sensibilities, it is really at heart a spiritual practice aimed at the transformation of the self and the elimination of all sense of separation between the Self and others. 

It is from a Divine state of union that all healing transpires.

This is the second practice I do when I go down to the river to meditate and it follows Lovingkindness, which I described in the preceding blog entry. There was a time, over a decade ago, that I recited these religiously over the the course of a year or so, until I embodied them.

What I share with you here is my interpretation of the variation I learned from my Reiki teacher, Frans Stiene, who taught all his students the Precepts that Mikao Usui wrote down and in turn passed on to his students. 

In time, I gave Voice to the unique version that arose from within my inner depths as I merged with the words and they in turn transformed me from the inside out.

They are Essential Precepts to my spiritual practice.

It does not matter whether you are a practitioner of Reiki or not. All that is required of you is that you be a spiritual seeker in search of inner transformation.

The Reiki Precepts

Repeat these three times - slowly, as if you were savoring them, letting each word and precept become one with you. 

Do not be angry,
for all anger is illusory.

Do not be worried or fearful,
for it is merely a diversion.

Be always authentic,
and compassionate to yourself
and others:

For this is the essence of your Spirit.

Recite these slowly every day for a week. See how you feel. Extend your practice for a month. Or beyond. They will change your life. They will enable you to forgive the unforgivable and heal what you never thought could be healed.

I know. Because it happened to me.


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