And I Dance

I awaken, after a blessed day
filled with wonder and sacred graces
on this earth plane,
and I dance

I awaken, from lucid dreams
and the exquisite joy
experienced in the unexpected visitation
of Great Love,

and I dance

I awaken, after deeply communing
with Divine Love in meditation
lost in rapturous bliss,
and I dance

I awaken, after experiencing
the most profound and esctatic union
and glimpsing untold beauty,
and I dance

I awaken, after the delicious merging
of kindred souls
soothed in the gift of its healing balm,
and I dance

I awaken, to a haunting melody
its sweet lyrics reverberating
in my soul, over and over again
and I dance...

I dance,
and I dance--
led by Spirit,
led by Grace,
in Sacred Union,
my soul, so long in mourning arises
from the slumber of deeply held grief,
awakening to love
and to life,
and I listen to music--
I feel it,
I sing to it,
and I dance,
and dance, once again...

"Your love like wine
tasting sweeter to me every day...

When the snow falls on the Sahara
and the sun freezes over
Till the Mojave red turns into blue
When my lungs get tired of breathing
and my heart stops its breathing,
I'll stop loving you...

when the snow falls on the Sahara
when the music is no longer playing,
and the faithless stop praying,
I'll stop loving you...

I don't want to miss a single heartbeat.
Sometimes my words get in the way,
but I hear your love just fine..."


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