I am a Believer

Yesterday morning I finally took that Survivor Test. It turns out I am a Believer. I guess I am more so that - than a Connector. But I can't say that I am surprised...

The interesting thing was to learn what my three top Survivor Strengths were: Faith, Hope, and Empathy...Almost like - Faith, Hope, and Charity...Humm....Much food for thought here...

You are also given your bottom three traits. Mine were: Adaptability, Tenacity, and Flow. To increase my chances of surviving in any circumstance, I should work on these...I have to agree with the test's assessments, although I tend to have more tenacity in some situations than others - for example - persevering in completing a doctoral program, and a demanding yoga certification process. But I would agree, that in other situations, I tend to give up more readily.

Ironically - the last one - "Flow," reminds me of the meaning of Anusara Yoga - "to flow with Grace". It also reminds me of river lessons received this year, that often encouraged me to go with the flow of the current, and not fight it...

I printed out my report and hope to sit down and go through it more carefully, taking the time to reflect a little more deeply on its insights.


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