I am Empty, I am Full

Today, as I ran around wrapping up errands and routine appointments, I thought to myself - "I feel full." I also reflected on how I had encouraged my students this week to soften as they opened to grace - but from a place of fullness. I wanted them to feel heavy with this sense of fullness.

Later, as I organized and attended to a myriad of tasks as I sat at my desk, I came across this newsletter by Amy Weintraub, the creator of LifeForce Yoga. Amy's newsletter is called: LifeForce Yoga for Depression News, and I am providing an excerpt:

"When I look inside
and see that I am empty,
that is wisdom.
When I look outside
and see that I am everything,
that is love.
Between those two,
my life turns."
- Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

"For many years, I wondered if there was a way to reconcile the Buddhist notion of emptiness with my own experiences on and off the mat of fullness - my sense of connection to everything. When I came across this quote by the Nondualist teacher Nisargadatta, I felt the apparent duality dissolve.

Why would such a philosophical point matter, you might ask, when there is so much fear and heartache in the world, when so many of us are struggling with root chakra issues like job security and financial stability? For me, when I can embrace the nothing inside that needs nothing, as well as the everything outside that connect me to all that I am, then fear and constriction around mone and basic survival needs diminish. I can act from a place of clarity to fulfill those needs for myself and for others.

If you are worried now, please take a moment to breathe into the wisdom you are. Take a moment to breathe out love. Nothing and Everything. You are not separate from the wisdom and love of the cosmos. Nor are you separate from those who suffer. When you act in harmony with this knowledge, from this place of connection, you are in service to all."

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