The Power of Grace

"You are the proof of Grace.
Grace is something you have already become.
The evidence is that it could have done anything.
But it did you."
- Douglas Brooks

"Love life. You are here to love life.
That's what the Tantra is offering;
the opportunity to step fully,
ever more deeply, every day,
in every breath,
into the possibility of savoring
the gift of embodiment;
of realizing that the Universe
gone through all of this trouble
to make you.
That you're not here to get something,
or acquire something,
or achieve something;
but merely to taste,
to savor the gift
of the conversation of the heart.
And let that be enough
to let this message of love in."
- Gopala Iyer Sundarmoorthy
(Douglas Brook's teacher)

I received both of these quotes in Todd Norian's newsletter. Todd and his wife Ann, are Certified Anusara Yoga teachers, who are both gifted and inspirational, as their newsletter often is as well.

Todd shares a story in the latest edition of his newsletter of being out of sorts and anxious about a series of things. But then, he turns his experiences around:

"I took a deep breath and softened. I reflected on how good I feel when I'm relaxed and when I remember that Grace is always present. I decided to take on the practice of letting go and opening to Grace every time I noticed my stress building. For the next two hours, I practiced breathing with a special focus on the exhalation. As I exhaled, I released tension in my face and released fearful thoughts in my mind. As I inhaled, I practiced filling up with light and literally asking Grace to help me on my journey. This was an awesome practice.

I had the most magical day...

Grace is always available and is constantly being dispersed. But are you open to receive it? The more I allow myself to let go of my resistance and trust in something bigger, the blessings of life naturally flow. Grace wants us to live fully and feel the magic of life. May you open your arms wide and receive the full abundance of blessings Grace has in store for you!"

"Know that Grace has the power
to transform everything you aspire to.
So aspire to the highest,
and offer yourself to that Grace.
Grace will hold you every step of the way.
Anusara is a path of Grace."
- John Friend

For more information on Todd and his workshops, visit:


Lavonne said…
Dear Olga,

As is so often the case, this post resonated deeply and felt very timely.

Insomnia is something I experience a few times a month. Last night was rather severe, which means that getting my work done today may be "challenging." Nevertheless, I set an intention earlier this morning of staying open to possibility and being positive. Coming across this post truly felt like Divine intervention.

Muchas gracias!
Olga Rasmussen said…
Good for you! I did the same yesterday to "shift" my perspective on a stressful situation. May you sail through the day - always open to the power of Grace!

Love, grace, and blessings,

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