Embodiment as Divine Revelation

I came across a poem by Kabir, that I read four years ago, and which touched me deeply. It, in turn, inspired a poem of my own.

This excerpt comes from the book, Kabir, The Weaver of God's Name:

"This poem expresses the devotee's bliss on realizing the Lord. He has found God within his own body. As a a goldsmith tests the purity of gold on the touchstone, the devotee, who has purified his entire being through meditation, is tested by the Lord and made whole.The devotee now realizes that all the time he spent searching for God through external observances, rite and rituals was a wast of his precious human birth. When he conquers his mind and, through meditation and concentration, crosses the regions of mind and maya - the third stage of his spiritual journey - only then does he realize the Lord within his own body."

Pure as Gold

The Lord has revealed himself
To me within my body;
My entire being, cleansed,
Now shines like pure gold.
Just as the goldsmith essays
Gold on the touchstone,
I have been put to the test
And made whole...

One after another,
Many births I took;
Many paths I followed
To escape this relentless cycle.
Only when I made my mind still
Did I attain the state
Of lasting repose.

I searched and searched for Him
In external pursuits,
But wasted the precious days
Of my human life.
When I became absorbed
In the realm beyond mind and maya,
Within my own body
I found the Lord...


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