The River in Deep Cleanse

The river is always a metaphor for my life, and today it is swollen nearly to the edge of the cliff I stand on, and practically all the way up the boat launch to the parking lot. It seems to be cleansing itself with a deep sense of urgency, as evidenced by its freely flowing, swift and muddy waters...

I survey the river from my perch and think to myself that today, this river truly gives new meaning to the song, "The River is Wide," a tune I have been listening to, and humming to myself these last few days...

I retreat - and sit on the green bench that I have not sat on for almost a year and am startled by the view in my field of vision. It takes me back a year or more - to a different period in time. I am surprised by the perspective that my field of vision entertained at that time, and how different it has been since I have literally entered the river and become one with it. I also think of the session I had this morning with a very gifted healer, an incredible craniosacral therapist, where we did deep and truly marvelous work.

As often happens during my healing sessions, birds came and made their presence known - a young hawk, and a heron appeared at various times - but it was the hawk that predominated and kept returning.

This gifted healer noted that a hawk bids us to pay attention - not only to what is before us - but what will arise and be made manifest in our lives. A hawk also is privy to the big picture in addition to being able to zero in on the details. The heron is about self reliance and standing on one's own two feet - major issues I've had to address in the last two years of my life.

My gifted healer friend has a wonderful healing cat who was chomping at the bit to get started on my session, strategically placing her paws in those places most needed. I was told that she does not show up for just anyone. Her name is "Gracie," and that, of course, further endeared her to me - for this is not only the name of my kayak - the trusty vessel that has enabled me to paddle my way through incredible healing, but "Grace" is part of the name of this blog and my website as well.

I came away from that session filled with all that was good and necessary for me - and grateful for having an opportunity to be in this healer's nurturing hands. I was also grateful for having made the needed headway in my journey...

Later, I spoke to the wonderful soul that I wrote about yesterday, and we were able to flesh out the content of our email exchange in a way that was more substantive, meaningful, and mutual. She noted that I sounded lighter, and her observations were the fruit of a deep intuitive knowing and our incredible communion of souls. I am grateful for her presence in my life!

As I sat on this bench by the river, I was grateful to be here - in the middle of the day - and have this river all to myself. What a blessing it is to get up - do healing work, and then come down the river. My only other major event today will be meditating with a group this evening. How many people have the opportunity to spend days like that?

I also expressed gratitude for the incredible healers that I have been led to. My friend said that really, I had drawn them to myself - because of the work that I do. I was touched by that. But, it really does not matter how they came into my life or why - I have been blessed to make connections in this life that have supported me every step of the way...

There was a small band of black crows down by the river, so when I come home I looked up their meaning. They have been considered evil by some in mythology, but also as symbols of the Divine. They are also seen as a sign of spiritual strength, and invite us to leave familiar places and look beyond our range of vision. They are harbingers of change, and encourage us to look out for opportunities in life. They teach us to balance light and dark and announce a newness in life, encouraging us to pay attention to our intuitions.

A hawk has visionary power, and shows us how to ride the winds of change. A hawk's wisdom, leadership and strength will guide us with honor, integrity, grace, and beauty. We must be ready for greater intensity in life!

Herons teach grounding and invite greater balance in life. They also encourage us to follow our path, and look more deeply into the meaning of life...

I have recently been touched by a pair of robins that have taken up residence in my front yard... They stimulate new growth and renewal in many areas of life, and show that this can be done with joy, laughter, and a song in the heart!

And finally, every morning when I sit in meditation, I sit to the song of a woodpecker. They teach us how to connect to the earth, move to our beat, and how to balance the physical and spiritual realms...

As I sat at this river in deep cleanse, I marveled at how it mirrors my own cleansing. My dear friend asked me today if I thought all of this healing work was finally coming to some sort of completion - even though we continue to evolve and grow and uncover layers for the rest of our lives. I simply exclaimed: "God! I hope so!"


Lavonne said…
Dear Olga,

What a lovely take on hawks, herons and robins...I will think of these 'meanings' when I see them next.

Best always,
Olga Rasmussen said…
It is amazing how there are signs everywhere - if we just take the time to notice them!

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