Planting Seeds of Joy

I am spending three days with Todd Norian this weekend, who is one of my favorite Anusara Yoga Teachers. The focus of the weekend is Anusara yoga therapy, but last night's class was a general practice and its theme was "planting seeds of joy."

I am going to summarize some of Todd's opening comments:

"Anusara Yoga is a tantric practice that is life-affirming. Tantra is really the art of thriving.

Joy is the basis of Anusara, and we are continually striving to cultivate this virtue and attribute...

Anusara is a path of radical affirmation - it affirms that life is good - and is meant to be an adventure.

Spring is the season of affirmation and new growth. It is also a cleansing season for the body and the mind, and the season invites us to let go of our self-limiting beliefs.

Weeds grow in our minds during this season as well. Anything that is not an affirmation is a self-limiting thought of things I can't do.

Whatever thought you nourish grows deep roots. We want to learn to start fresh in yoga.

Our factory setting is joy - we're wired for peace. And when we tap into this, the body, mind, and spirit will get healthier.

So planting the proper seeds really does matter. The power of our intention is strong. It takes a long time to change habits and patterns, but we do it by repetition..."


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