Relaxing on the Eastern Shore

After a busy summer - and an especially busy last week or so - teaching and subbing a number of yoga classes - I am finally on the Eastern Shore of Maryland for a few days...

After arriving yesterday afternoon, we settled in, became familiar with the surroundings, and slept in. We began the day by visiting the Blackwater Wildlife Refuge near Cambridge, where we were able to observe quite a number of bald eagles and other waterfowl. The first bald eagle we spotted was a magnificent specimen resting on top of a perch in the middle of a marshland. Then we were able to see a number of them flying about - their huge wingspans quite impressive and intimidating!

After that, it was on to explore a number of quaint towns around the area. It is so beautiful here - and laid back! I would love to own a place someday on the water. For now, my room with waterfront views will have to do!

There is something about communing with nature that enables me to feel a deep sense of connection and oneness with all of creation and allows me to simply let go of everything. As we drove around today, I was reminded of my wonderful stay on Cape Cod last summer.

I will be quiet for a few days as I savor the mystery and beauty of the Divine manifested in myriad ways...


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