The Fruits of Silence

I am off to a very full day away - subbing, visiting, and joining the group that I meditate with a couple of times a month...

I wish to share this poem that was inspired by a couple of postings, or "Tweets" by a woman whose posts are very inspirational and who goes by the name of @iamwun on Twitter...


God’s hand
embraces me
In Silence—
and draws me
deeper inside
of His Heart
in the Stillness
of the Night

“Deep inside the Silence
there is a seat of silk
and music and breath.
It patiently awaits my visits.”

All is well here—
in the Silence
and all is possible.
I can release the past
and dwell more deeply
in the Present Moment

“Let me bathe the past
in a waterfall of love.
It has been starving
for my appreciation.”

In due time,
all pain is transmuted
and the wisdom
of all experiences
is revealed—
if one is willing
to wait patiently
in Silence,
and trust
in the Divine
Order of Things

(Tweets from Elsa Joy Bailey, @iamwun, 8/9/09)


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