A Song I Heard in My Soul

Yesterday, before I left for Willow Street Yoga Center to teach a two day class in "Shoden," the first level of Japanese Reiki, I was mesmerized by a series of "tweets" or postings, by a woman who goes by the name "@planethealer" on Twitter. Her real name is Becky Bills, and she is a very sweet soul.

I was haunted by the beauty of her postings, and last night, before my evening meditation and retiring for bed, I found myself arranging it into a poem. I sent it to Becky this morning, and we agreed to co-author it, and post it on our respective blogs. So here it is...

A Song I Heard in My Soul

my morning came, gently
colliding with inspirations,
offered as blossoms
from the heart of another soul

our souls meet and merge
in that undefined place
known as cyberspace
where our hearts tune in to
the same vibration

I hear the song that is sent
in isolated verses,
scattered like sutras
that my soul delicately gathers,
carefully weaving
solitary strands and fibers
into a exquisite tapestry
and a thing of beauty

I hear the latent music
hidden in each verse,
and the liturgical musician
still very much alive in me
attentively assembles the notes,
composing them into a hymn—
it is a song that I heard
in the depths of my soul…

“I crawled inside
your soul last night
and nestled up
to your breath
so that I would feel
your love on my face.”

my heart is filled
with an ancient longing
for what once was—
but which has eluded me
in this lifetime,
a love that fills every crevice,
and delights all my senses…

“Right HERE…
that is where I lost my breath
upon the sight of your heart
lost in the space
between your soul and mine.”

my heart remembers
this place,
and wells up
with the sacred memories
of another place and time…

“I reached in and pulled myself
out of the darkness not realizing
I was already in the Light.”

all that I have searched for
outside of myself
I have carried deeply within
from one lifetime to another,
only waiting for my recognition…

“You did not know
that silently your words
crept into the pocket of my heart
and decided to take a nap there.”

I wrap my arms around
a love so Divine,
I wrap my arms around
your reflection,
drinking in your Presence,
so delicious and so fine

I wrap my arms around
my heart, which is ever one
with thine,
holding on, for an eternity,
never wanting to let go
until the darkness of night
waxes and wanes
and the stars begin to fade

“The morning mist
heard your whispering heart
and floated off
and kissed every shore
in search of you.”

But then I remembered,
you were never gone—
I have carried you
in my heart across
lifetimes and shores
from one end
of the Universe
to the other

(All quotations were inspirational “Tweets” by Becky Bills, aka @planethealer on 8/8/09.)


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