Living Without Expectations

Several times this week, I have been reminded to live without expectations. This of course, is more easily said than done!

We should give to others, without expectations. I reflected on this on one of the walks I took earlier this week. But if truth be told, we often do expect something in return - perhaps an acknowledgment, a thank you card, and so forth.

When we expect something, we are in attachment to someone or something. And thus we set ourselves up for disappointment - for we have no control over what others do - or say - or do not do - or say.

This week I celebrated my 29th anniversary. I was teaching my yoga class on the other side of the river, and knew we were planning to celebrate with dinner over the weekend. So I drove home, arriving at 10:30 PM, expecting to just get in my PJ's and head for bed.

But instead, I came home to a treasury of cards and the most generous gifts, and found myself truly speechless. I had no expectations, and was instead, genuinely surprised by an unconditional outpouring of love.

When we give from the heart, we give without expectations. When we receive from the heart - we also receive without expectations and without conditions.

As I end this week, and look forward to beginning another one, I give intent to say and do - and receive - without expectations.


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