Clearing the Dust Off of Your Mirror

Last night I attended the first session of a series of workshops Anusara Yoga certified teacher Todd Norian was set to teach on the chakras at Willow Street Yoga in Maryland. The Friday evening practice was open to students of all levels and ended with "kirtan," which is a form of call and response chanting.

Todd is a very gifted teacher whose workshops I have frequently attended. I always come away with very wonderful insights from his teaching. The theme for the evening was "Clearing the Dust Off of the Mirror of the Heart."

Todd noted how by the middle of January, most people have abandoned their New Year's resolutions. He pointed out that the world is a reflection of who we are, and if we don't like what we are seeing, we need to clear ourselves. And yet, we come into our lives from the Universe already whole and complete - we are both radiant and cloaked at the same time - which is at its essence, a paradox. But it is this process of being concealed that enables us to experience the joy of the revelation of who we are most fundamentally at our deepest core.

Practitioners of Anusara Yoga begin their practice guided and grounded by a principle that invites us to "open to grace." Within that principle is contained the seed of all change and transformation.

I found myself reflecting on how much Todd's insights paralleled the excerpts from the writings of Paramahansa Yogananda in his Spiritual Diary for this past week. I believe, that clearing the dust off of our mirrors begins with self reflection. It is a good way to begin the year - and it is not too late to intend to clear some aspect of ourselves in some small way. Truly, small changes add up. As Mother Teresa was fond of saying:

"We cannot always do great things,
but we can always do small things
with great love."

I invite you to reflect on the following passages, and perhaps commit to clearing some of the dust off of your mirror...

"One secret of progress is self-analysis. Introspection is a mirror in which to see recesses of your mind that otherwise would remain hidden from you. Diagnose your failures and sort out your good and bad tendencies. Analyze what you are, what you wish to become, and what shortcomings are impeding you."

"Everyone should learn to analyze himself disspassionately. Write down your thoughts and aspirations daily. Find out what you are - not what you imagine you are! - because you want to make yourself what you ought to be. Most people don't change because they don't see their own faults."

"Endeavor to make yourself what you should be and what you want to be. As you keep your mind on God and attune yourself to His will, you will progress more and more surely in your path."

"It is a good idea to keep a mental diary. Before you go to bed each night, sit for a short time and review the day. See what you are becoming. Do you like the trend of your life? If not, change it!"

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