Mahasamadhi Musings on the River

I sit in meditation on this, the Mahasamadhi of Sri Yukteswar, who was Paramahansa Yogananda's own guru, and I drink in these words from him to Yogananda, coming from what is perhaps, one of my favorite passages, for it denotes what a true soul companion does for another:

"I will be your friend from now to Eternity,
no matter whether you are
on the lowest mental plane
or on the highest plane of wisdom.

I will be your friend
even if you should err,
for then you will need my friendship
more than at any other time...

You and I shall smile together,
so long as our two forms appear different
in the maya-dream of God.
Finally, we shall merge as one
in the Cosmic Beloved;
our smiles shall be His smile,
our unified song of joy
vibrating throughout eternity..."

The day is sunny, warm, and radiant, like an invincible spring emerging from the rubble of winter, undefeated, and I make it down to the river which is perfectly still, and undeniably placid...

I paddle to the middle of the river, surround by birds of many kinds, some floating, some singing, some flying to and fro, and I drink in the beauty and majesty of every moment - so real, so pure, and so present!

I give thanks for all that is, and on this day of the conscious exit from the body of one great guru's guru - I merge my prayers with that of all devotees and ask that my friends, family, and loved ones, receive whatever it is that they need to receive in this moment in time...

I enjoy every present moment on this river, so impregnated with life - reflecting the Divine in all things. And for a moment, I truly see and understand what it means to embody unity, as I float, lost in the beauty of nature's symphony of luscious sounds!


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