I Believe in Springtime

The cloak of the night brings closure upon a wonderful weekend - that was magical at times - and on this first day of May...

The day is spent in solitude, periods of silence, contemplation, gardening, meditation, reading, listening to music, and checking in with loved ones...

The weekend was filled with visiting friends, live music, and attending a play, where I delighted in a dear friend's daughter playing the leading role...

This is a child who is very special to me, and it has been a blessing and honor to watch her grow from a child into a gifted young woman...

I enjoy a glass of wine, and choral music by John Rutter, one of my favorite Anglican liturgical composers. His music stirs the depths of my soul - bordering on ecstasy - making the presence of God so very real and tangible. I can taste the oneness in all things as I bask in the Light and Radiance of the Divine...

Truly, the Divine is in all things and in every drop of life there is...

I take a moment to enjoy my work in the garden as the last remnant of April showers, spills into the verdant offerings of May - blooms of many colors now gracing my landscape. Every springtime life emerges, reminding us that all life - physical and spiritual - springs eternal.

I step forth into a new month, wondering what it will hold. I wait with bated breath at the gifts that will be revealed...

I listen to this magnificent piece by John Rutter, so appropriate for this day and season...

I Believe in Springtime

"I believe in springtime: fresh and new and bright;
I believe in morning dew and shining morning light.
I believe in sunbeams melting all the snow.
And I believe when winters done, the streams will run and rivers flow.

I believe in eagles soaring up so high.

I believe in trees and mountains reaching to the sky.
I believe in green things; all the gifts of earth;
Growing up from tiny seeds that spring has brought to birth.

I believe in summer; I believe in fall;

But most of all I believe in God who made it and blessed it all.
I believe in people living all as one;
Sharing all their songs and laughter, happiness, and fun;

I believe in friendship: taking time to care;

And feeling sure of someone else, and someone feeling glad you're there.
Then I start to wonder how it all might be if the world
could live together just like you and me.

I believe in hoping; I believe in prayer;

I believe in trying hard, and learning how to share.
I believe in dreaming, and when dreams are through
Then I believe in trusting God to help me make dreams come true."

Yes, God - I believe!

I believe in life, and goodness, and most of all, in the fruits of love, and kindness, and compassion...

What do you believe in? May it ignite your heart passionately!


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