The Greatest Gift

I go down to the river on the first free morning and day I've had in a while...

The fall season has been gently ushered in by forces unseen and the air is cool and crisp...

I have been brought here by the urge to do both - Loving-Kindness meditation and a Gratitude practice, in thanksgiving for prayers answered and blessings received...

In the coolness of the air, insights come to me about what the greatest gift we can give another soul might be...

Certainly to be present to them. To pray for another and their well being - whether through the offering of traditional prayers, or something as simple and yet equally challenging as a Loving-kindness meditation can be - especially if offered for an estranged person in our lives...

There is much I have wanted to share here, but a cranky and failing computer on its way out is presently impeding it.

Simple sentences arise in my soul. And I share them here...

Today, and every day, strive to be more fully present. As you do so, you will find yourself in an optimal space to give more fully of yourself to another. And to yourself...

The Greatest Gift

The greatest gift you can give another being:
To really see and acknowledge who they are.
To deeply listen.
To hold them in a loving and healing space.

The greatest gift you can give yourself:
To really see and acknowledge yourself - 
who you are and what you feel.
To deeply listen to the musings of your soul.
To hold yourself in a healing space with love.


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