May You do Something Beautiful for God

"With the opening of the New Year,
all the closed portals of limitation
will be thrown open
and I shall move through them
to vaster fields
where my worthwhile dreams of life
will be fulfilled."
~ Paramahansa Yoganada

With the ending of this year, and the beginning of the next - to concur with a New Moon - we plant the seeds for new beginnings, as in this coming year of 2014...

The last couple of years have been very difficult for so many. There have been seemingly insurmountable challenges for many loved ones. But I am amazed at how so many souls have been able to traverse these experiences with love, and humility and grace. It has been a great gift to me and a lesson for my soul...

Every year brings with it the invitation to grow, and to deepen our relationship with the Divine. It invites us to heal what must be healed, to take on - and let go - and to accept what we cannot change. I like to light votive candles at sundown that last for almost a week - reflecting on the events of the past year - and then meditating on my intentions for the coming year. This year, I am grateful for so many gifts granted - but most especially for one particular gift and healing I have prayed for, for so many years. Indeed, prayers are answered!

This year, I was  also given the blessing to travel to Jerusalem, and I am still "unpacking" many of the energies and insights I received there. It was a gift in so many more ways than I could ever articulate or share...

While I still feel that my life has been somewhat in transition, I know I have also found my place and feel I may step out of my past to walk through the doorway of my future more confidently, and utilizing more deeply the gifts that I have been given - yet in more quiet and gentler ways... I've never felt I was meant to make a big splash, but as I shared with a soul companion earlier today, I am content to do my life's work unassumingly and simply do, as Mother Teresa of Calcutta once stated, "something beautiful for God."

And as my dear soul companion has often remarked - "What else is there?"

This year, and every year,
May you do something beautiful for God.

This year, and every year,
May you shine your own unique Divine Light.

This year, and every year,
May you make this world a better place.

This year, and every year,
May your deepen your connection to the Divine.

This year, and every year,
May you embody the oneness in all diversity.

This year, and every year,
May you be filled with love and blessings,
beyond your wildest dreams!

May all you readers have a blessed and happy New Year!


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