An Advent Poem Redux

Looking back to previous posts, every now and then I find something worth reposting, so here is a poem from my entry for December 13, 2010:

Advent 2010

In this Sacred Season
Of Stillness and Silence,
May you walk with the Divine--
Scattering the true Gifts
Of this Blessed Season:
Joy, Compassion, and Love,
With every breath you take.

Be the Light
You want to see,
Shining brightly everywhere.

Embody the Change
You hope will take root
In every soul and nation.

Give the Love
You wish to receive,
Have, and always treasure.

Spread the Joy
You hope will soothe,
The yearning in every heart.

Be the Silence
Deeply desired and absent
In the busyness of everyday Life.

Be a Harbor and Safe Haven
For all who are lost,
Or entrusted into your care.

Reflect the Divine's Presence
In every word and deed,
And encounter that you have.

Be the Light!
Give the Love!
Spread the Joy!

Be the True Gift of this Season--
The Incarnation of the Divine
In our Hearts!


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