How Can I Love Enough?

Earlier this week, I wrote an entry entitled, "Did you love enough?"

Of course, the question was meant for myself: 

"Did I love enough 
in those situations I faced  in the past - 
and am I loving enough 
in these situations I am currently living?"

And as I have been reflecting on those questions - and its corollary, 

"Have I loved myself enough?" 

I have inevitably been led to consider the following questions:

"How can I love enough?" 

That is to say - 

"How can I love more?"

And then logically, the next question to follow, is simply: 

"How can I love myself more?"

Needless to say, these will keep me entertained for quite some time...

Though this month has not been as slow as I would have wished, I look forward to some days in the near future - hopefully ones that are not as cold as it has been thus far - where I can sit by the riverbank and explore these questions more deeply.

"How can I love enough?
How can I love those around me more?
How can I be more compassionate?
How can I love myself more?
What must I do?"

I invite you to do the same! Find a place where you can be alone with your own thoughts to see where they lead you!


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