Numbers Speak

The last few months have been stressful and fraught with all sorts of tensions and drama. I suspect many can say that it has been the same for them.

I have always been interested in numerology, and I often see numerical patterns or sequences such as 11:11 or 12:12, 2:22, and so forth. Each one of these sequences has a unique meaning. 

But we also have special combinations of numbers that speak only to us, and that only we see and recognize.  Mine is 10:17. 

Often, throughout the course of the day, I might see different sequences several times. In fact, recently I wrote about seeing 11:11 on my dashboard as I was stopped at a red light.

And lately, I am seeing patterns constantly, because I have definitely needed more reassurance than most times.

So why are numbers important? 

They are a reminder that we are not alone. That our loved ones who have passed, or angels, or beings on the other side are looking out for us.

Recently, within a 12 hour period, I saw the same sequence twice. I just happened to look up mindlessly at the clock or my watch - and there were the numbers!

I breathed a sigh of relief during those moments when I was stressed. I remembered to let go. I remembered that someone - indeed a whole legion of souls had my back.

And then I exhaled deeply.

We are constantly getting messages - from the other side - from our intuition - from our bodies. But we have to slow down enough to listen.

Who is trying to speak to you? Who is trying to get your attention?

Is your body reminding you to schedule a doctor's appointment? Or is it time for a massage and a little self-care?

It could be anything. But the question is - are you listening?

And, will you respond?

Or, maybe you just need to step off the treadmill of your life for a moment, and realize that someone is trying to tell you that she - or he has your back!

All that is required then, is that you simply breathe in and out again, slow down, and give thanks!


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