Love and Acceptance

I believe we receive exactly the messages and insights we need, exactly when we need them. But, you have to be open to receiving those messages!

Several times, in the last few weeks, I have received variants of the same basic insights.

Yesterday, I drew two cards from the Tosha Silver deck of "Change Me Prayers." I only meant to draw one. But something told me to take one more.

And here they are - Love and Acceptance.

May be I be changed into one who loves and accepts unconditionally all that I am given - in terms of challenges, opportunities, insights, gifts, blessings, relationships and burdens.

I know, it is easier said than done...

But the thing is, we are always wiser in hindsight. We can see things with a clarity we did not have when we were deep in a situation. Or, we might not ever see the experience for what it was - or what it gave birth to. More often than not, the choice is ours.

I know I will never be perfect. I know I will fail at times. But I choose to be as open as I can be - to both love and acceptance.

The more I practice love, the more I can accept. And it begins with me.

Last week, on several occasions I had conversations with others on the importance of loving oneself in order to truly love others. Such a simple practice and so difficult as well.

I love the affirmations at the bottom of these cards. They are simple. They are easy to remember and repeat often throughout the day:

"I know I am Love."

"I accept myself."

May it always be so!


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