Stillness in the Heart

I went to the river this morning, after perhaps a week of abstaining from its healing waters, for one reason or another...

It was a brilliant morning and the river was so still - the trees, which have slowly begun turning colors and embracing their harvest hues, were vibrantly reflected in the river - with a clarity reminiscent of a mirror's clean surface. There was a slight crispness in the air, though the promised warmth of the day was also making its presence known and felt. In all ways, all things pointed to a truly magnificent day.

Yesterday began as a slightly rainy day during which many all over the world, commemorated the passing of St Francis of Assisi, also known as the Transitus. On this day, many churches welcome four legged friends of all kinds and other animals to receive a blessing.

For me, it was a Transitus as well, as I more firmly let go of something that had helped define me for five years. I knew this was necessary to give birth to the new.

This morning, as I stood perched on the edge of the cliff where I often stand to survey the river with hands cupped around pumpkin spice coffee, I felt an overwhelming sense of freedom and joy swirl all around me until it settled in my heart.

I gave thanks for the day - for all blessings received, and proceeded to do my river meditations, holding up in prayer those who most need it at this time. There are so many!

I closed the door to one era in my life - and opened the door to another because I was willing to heed and respond to the message urging me to "dwell in your heart." This message was not just meant for me - but it is meant for many others as well.

I embraced the sense of stillness that the river was embodying more deeply this morning because I truly listened and responded to the inner prompting to dwell in my heart. It was the key to my own transitus.

May you listen today. May you embody stillness. May you dwell in your heart..

"I stand before what is with an open heart. 
And with an open heart I dwell in possibility." 
– Macrina Wiederkehr



I enjoy getting your blog posts via email. They inspire me, and help open up and expand my heart realm. Best wishes to you and yours.
- Mike Garofalo

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