May the Mundane be Glorious

Blossoms explode everywhere, in a symphony of colors - finally, spring has awakened, arising from its deep slumber - and everything is in bloom everywhere at the same time! The daffodils are dancing - cherry trees, Bradford Pears, and forsythias - clothed in delicate blooms embroidered by nature - are making a triumphant display of their spring tunics, just about anywhere my eyes choose to rest...

I go for a walk on this magnificent day, gorgeous beyond words, grateful for this season and the beauty that it brings... I am in awe and mindful of every delicate flower and emerging bud, so triumphant and glorious, bursting with life... I watch a Cardinal joyously dancing from perch to perch...

I reflect on sacred time spent with a soul companion traversing the greatest challenges of her life, tasting in my heart, the beautiful prayer that arose from her own, simply titled, "Glorious Day." She is told by a gifted seer, that while there are difficult times yet to navigate, the end of her transition will be glorious, and somehow, I can sense and I can see this, and my heartbeat quickens with joy...

I also recall, how years ago, during this very same season, as our friendship deepened, we would delight in the simple beauty of life and nature and our quotidian activities and chores by simply acknowledging, "May the mundane be glorious!"

As I survey a group of kayakers pushing off from the boat launch area down by the river, I think to myself, what a glorious day to be in the water, with all of nature - the heavens above and the waters below - teeming with life!

Every moment of this day has been an invitation to drink in and acknowledge the glorious manifestation of life bursting forth in every corner...

I think of my friend, and truly know that "all shall be well," and I tell her so. She says I am her beacon of hope... How can one not witness this beauty all around and not believe in the power of hope to heal even the deepest of wounds?

Yesterday, Jews everywhere remembered the Holocaust, and I think of the poem engraved in a wooden beam at a camp, an enduring and living testament to the glorious mundane:

" I believe in the sun,
even when it is not shining...
I believe in God,
even when He is silent."

And I too, believe in God, and life, and love - and in all that is beautiful and also mundane - for it too bursts with the very essence of God and life, and love.

Yes, let the mundane be glorious!


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