1.10.17 - The Energy of One


In numerology and metaphysics this sequence of numbers adds up to "one." The energy of "1" is the energy of new beginnings.

This year, 2017 - also adds up to the number one.

Again, the energy of new beginnings...

Look around. Read the news. It is enough to scare you back into a cave. Your outlook could be bleak. Or not. You can believe the world is ending. Or it is beginning. It is your choice how you choose to see things. And how you choose to react.

I am choosing to believe in new beginnings. I am choosing to heed the invitation of the energy of one, because this sequence of numbers is very near and dear to my heart for personal reasons.

I am ready for new beginnings which invite new choices and changes.

Are you?

You must decide.

How you will look at this year. And at the events around you.

You must decide.

We always have the choice to grow.

Or not.

So decide.

Be open to new beginnings.

Begin again.

You always can. The moment to begin again is always available to you. And to me. It is available for each and every one of us.


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