Ong Namo

Last spring I had the good fortune to hear Snatam Kaur in concert. The evening was magical and the sense of oneness and Divine Love that permeated the packed yoga studio, was intoxicating!

My favorite song is "Ong Namo." Snatam sings with the exquisite voice of an angel. She is one of those rare beings who is truly mesmerizing and much better live than on her recordings. I was truly transported. On her recent live album she improvises on this piece with these lyrics. I listen to them every day on my way down to the river, on my way to teach, and on a number of other occasions. Her voice is haunting:

"I bow my head to God.
And God took all of me.
Every imperfection -
God took all of me.

And every day
God lives
And breathes
Through me

Oh, my Beloved!
Kindness of the heart!
Breath of Life,
I bow to you.

Divine Teacher,
Beloved Friend,
I bow to you,
Again and again!"


mvv8j said…
I am enjoying regular visits to your blog, Olga. I found myself getting about 15 minutes early to work the other day and had some "free time" to turn up my car stereo and just sit in the parking lot while I sang my heart out to Ong Namo. Passerbys must have wondered if I was nuts, I just enjoyed the trance like joy felt with Snatam's voice! For those not familiar with her, they can hear a sample by clicking to her website at:
Anonymous said…
Snatam Kaur Khalsa is very special, I consider her a treasure, gift from
God. I think you would like my YouTube Channel:
her Mul Mantra is my main Video, I praise her at every opportunity, she will enrich your life and uplift your spirit!!!
So I wonder... what is she singing in the final refrains? "This is your way"? "This is your grace"?
So I wonder... what is she singing in the final refrains? "This is your way"? "This is your grace"? I sing this with my kids every night before bed, and we can't decide. Sometimes we think it's "This is your way... this is your grace."
Olga Rasmussen said…
ahhh! I don't know what she means for herself - I suspect it is a message for all of us - and certainly one which I take personally.
Anonymous said…
What a beautiful song and a reminder that God is within us, we need look no further than within us. I listen to it after Bikram Yoga and it's a wonderful reassurance. Thanks, Olga

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