Soul in Wonder

My teacher's theme for the last yoga class of the session was the experience of wonder. She deftly wove the theme and a myriad of examples - both seasonal - and from her own life, into our practice.

It was truly a moment of synchronicity that on my way to class I was listening to the new CD by Miten and Deva Premal appropriately titled: "Soul in Wonder."

The title track is a simple piece with simple lyrics:

"Inarticulate speech,
inarticulate speech of the heart,

I am a soul in wonder...

As I sat for a long time at the river this morning - which was as still and as peaceful as I have seen it for a while - I thought of the lyrics of another piece on this CD:

"spirit of the river
i can hear you

i feel as if
i am deep inside
your song
i see you laughing

intoxicated, dancing

will you carry me with you when i'm gone?"


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