Okay, I admit it...I am fascinated by channelings, intuitive readings, and numerology.

Yesterday was 12-12. This powerful numerical sequence is symbolic of a cosmic connection - it is a bridge to the future and signifies a level of completion or graduation.

One of my favorite intuitives - (besides my my dear friends Deborah and Sharon of course!) - is a woman named Karen who has a wonderful site called - What's Up on Planet Earth?. This is her web site:


The following is an excerpt from the newsletter she sent out yesterday. Go to the site for the complete reading of her latest piece:

"2007 was a rocky and challenging year for many…especially the latter six month period after the solstice. And now, another solstice is due to arrive, marking the final point of this deep transitional and preparatory period.

This deep period of excavation that lasted for so many months was vitally necessary to our spiritual evolutionary process, as it prepared us for the next level of spiritual hierarchy. And the best is yet to come…we have been preparing for it! Higher vibrating key concepts and ways of being were integrated within us, notably: learning and experiencing how to stay still and in our center and how to harmonize with the energy of community.

When we first arrive in a higher dimension or higher vibrating energy, it feels glorious at first, as all our needs seem to be met and we seem to be able to create much of anything instantly. As time progresses, we find ourselves aligning with these newer higher realms, and this always involves a clearing and purging of any energies or patterns within and without which no longer match our new surrounding vibration. So we first feel great and then we feel not so great."

I am always amazed at how Karen seems to catch the pulse of what is going on. Some of my more metaphysical friends and I will often trade emails on her latest postings marveling at how she seems to articulate the very states we seem to be experiencing.


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