The River

I begin this blog on the 2nd of December, 2007, which is also the First Sunday of Advent.

For a month now, I have been going down to the Potomac River, about a mile or so from my house, and sitting on a lone bench after my morning meditation. I come here to pray.

As I have watched the river for the last few weeks, it has dawned on me that the river mirrors and chronicles the stages of my life and soul very much like the changing landscape, which has gone from a radiant display of color to being totally bare and empty. Very much like what a soul must do before it can be filled with Divine Love and grace.

Here are two recent poems capturing my river musings.

The River

I come down
To The River
Every morning

I toss my prayers
And all my cares
Into The River

The River
Mirrors my Soul

The River
The Divine

The River
Is still—
So still
I can see the clouds
Reflected in it

The River
With Power—
Its rippling currents
Cut right through me

The River
Is bare—
The trees
Are denuded
Like the Cave
Of my Heart

A beloved friend once wrote:

Trust that this River
Is taking you
To the Ocean
Of the Unimaginable.

The River
Follows my Path
And my Journey

The River
Mirrors my Soul

The River
The Divine

The River
Is Full

The River
Is Still

The River
Is Bare

The River

The River

The River

The River
Cuts through me

The River
Washes and Heals

The River
Is taking me
To the Ocean
Of the Unimaginable

The River of My Life

the River of My Life
changes course

“…At last
the river of my life
into the ocean
of Thy Life
and loses itself
in bliss.”[1]

the River of My Life
changes course
with the a Special Gift
from the Beloved

my consciousness evolves
and expands
as it seeks to embrace
Christ Consciousness

I stand on its doorstep,
glimpsing the Infinite—
And His Cosmic Sanctuary
knowing that eternal bliss
patiently awaits

how can I feel anything—
but peace?

[1] Paramahansa Yogananda


sgrooms708 said…

I had no idea that you had such a beautiful quiet place on your walk. What a blessing.

Abusita said…
Olga querida, gracias por enviarme la dirección de tu blog. Qué hermosos mensajes. Lo abrí corriendo, pero tengo que realmente leerlo detenidamente para saborearlo.
Gracias. Yo también tengo uno:
pero lo tengo un poco abandonado. Tengo que entrar de vez en cuando. Un besito grande.

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