Mahasamadhi Blessings II

Today is the Mahasamadhi of Sri Yukteswar, who is Paramahansa Yogananda's guru, and I recall the incredible opportunity I had to meditate with other devotees a year ago, on this day. It was a day in which I was showered with many blessings...

This day also holds other memories for me, of a surgery that occurred four years ago on this day, and of a relationship that began to deepen in tandem...

The day is beautiful - sunny and breezy, and I began it at dawn by meditating, and reading a couple of my favorite passages where Yogananda quotes his guru's sayings to him. They warm my heart and soul every time I read them:

"I will be your friend from now to Eternity,
no matter whether you are on the lowest mental plane
or on the highest plane of wisdom.

I will be your friend even if you should err,
for then you will need my friendship
even more than at any other time."

"Grieve not for me...
You and I shall smile together,
so long as our two forms
appear different in the maya-dream of God.
Finally, we shall merge as one
in the Cosmic Beloved;
our smiles shall be His smile,
our unified song of joy
vibrating throughout eternity
to be broadcast to God-tuned souls!"

These words bring such solace to me, for I too, look forward to that moment in time with I shall merge with loved ones in the Ocean of the Cosmic Beloved's Heart. It is what truly sustains me in this life and brings joy to my heart...

I write these words, on a new computer...On the Mahasamadhi of Yogananda, my old computer died, just as I finished my posting...I realized it was time to do the inevitable and replace it. Yesterday I went out and got a new one, and transferred all my old files in that day between the two bookend experiences of Mahasamadhi blessings.

Today, I step forward in new energy, and a new dawn. I asked for many special blessings, not so much for myself, but for loved ones in need, and for one dear soul in particular, facing what may be be a pivotal time in her practice, that she may receive all the insights she needs to forge ahead, and continue to shine her light...

Blessings, to all, on such an auspicious day!


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