We are Born of Divine Consciousness

I continue to enjoy reviewing my notes from Paul Muller-Ortega's presentation this weekend...

"You are a walking temple of the Divine...

The body is the place where the Divine manifested as Lord Siva, recognizes himself after losing himself. How did we arrive at our present set of circumstances? Is it because of sin? No - there is a huge vastness of infinite possibilities that seeks to express itself. Siva imposes on himself forgetfulness.

Siva says to himself: May I forget that I am infinitely capable - and therefore permit the arising of the rainbow dance of existence. In that forgetfulness - each of the waves of our individual consciousness arises. We are the product of that forgetfulness which is an act of the will. Every possible form of existence arises in that forgetfulness - including unimaginable sentient beings in other universes.

Why are we here? There is a great purpose to our lives, but it is shrouded in mystery. Why did my individual life wave arise? We must uncover this for ourselves. Someone from the outside can't tell us. Just as there is the dance of forgetfulness - there is also the dance of recognition.

Despair and depression are often the form that the wake up call takes in our lives. Everything falls apart. This is the work of Divine Fire and it is not always so kind - but it is cool in the center - at its core. It causes you to question, deconstruct, and search. You go on a spiritual scavenger hunt - where we take something from here and something from there and produce a "mish mash" of spiritual teachings. We have a tendency to jumble things together.

There is a desire for clarity, and orderliness deep within us - and to setting things in their proper balance - where there is no longer a jumbling of things."


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