Numbers are significant. And the last few weeks I have been seeing a pattern of various kinds of repetitions...

Lately, I have seen a lot of 444's and 888's...

Recently, I came across a newsletter that indicated that seeing a lot of 444's had to do with setting foundations. I liked that. So, I started to think that what I am doing right now is setting foundations for what is to come in my life.

And 888 - has to do with abundance. I liked that even better!

Yesterday, throughout the course of my day - the repetition of several numbers just jumped at me.

As I had breakfast with a friend yesterday, I told her how in the morning I had noticed that I had made a total of 444 blog entries since I began writing. When I picked up the bill, the amount came to: $22.22.

My odometer recently has been sporting all kinds of 888's in various configurations.

When I came home - I had one phone call on my recorder left at 11:11 AM.

Last night I sent off an email to a friend telling her about all these numbers I was seeing, and the email left my mailbox at 11:11 PM.

I often see the numbers 11:11 on a clock. Today I had an email that came in at 12:12 - another combination I often see, in addition to 555.

My husband was born on 9/9/54. The last number sums up 9 when added together. Nine is significant of completion.

For someone that is severely math impaired, I am fascinated by these kinds of things. For those of a more metaphysical nature, the study of numbers and their various combinations, often makes for a very passionate and interesting study.

See if any particular combination jumps at you!


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