Reiki Dance

I am so full from three days of doing spiritual practice with a group of 20 wonderful souls - for eight hours a day - and from being in the presence of my Reiki teacher for that time as well...

I cannot begin to describe the experience, but will include a poem I wrote about the weekend.

The Reiki that Frans Stiene, my Reiki teacher shares, is Japanese and Buddhist in origin, and very different from our Western forms and understandings of Reiki. It is all about spiritual practice and self development - and going into that space of Oneness.

As Frans reminded us:

"Spiritual practice is about connecting to your essence,
which is a river of energy.

Awakening never ends.

There are layers and layers of awakening."

Taking the Shinpiden class the first time will radically change the way you think about Reiki. If you already have a spiritual practice, it will make more sense and deepen it. But practicing for a year will radically transform your life. You will be taken deeper within, in a way you might not have ever dreamed or imagined...

I feel very full and blessed in ways I cannot begin to articulate. I sense this is only the beginning...

Reiki Dance

your breath
and mine—
your soul
and mine,
your energy
and mine
becoming One

your light
and mine—
your essence
and mine
there is no you
or me—
no this
or that

in that space
where all is One
I feel your light
like a gentle breeze
rustling right through me—
we have no boundaries

and fullness dance,
like our energies
merging as One
into a very great
and bright light

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