The Rose Garden of Love

On the first day of this month, into the second day, we are blanketed with the first true snow fall of the season, its beauty and purity captivates my heart, taking my breath away...

As one season wanes and prepares to give birth to another, joyously dancing arm in arm with the liturgical season we have just commenced, both culminating in re-birth and resurrection, I think of Rumi, and what Andrew Harvey once wrote about him:

"He know everything about love...
all the suffering,
all the ecstasy,
all the beauty."

I sit with a warm cup of coffee with sunlight now streaming in and warming my soul, and I savor verses from Rumi, feeling that he is a kindred soul to my own experiences of suffering, now evaporating into more moments and periods of ecstasy and beauty:

"In the driest
whitest stretch
of pain's
infinite desert
I lost my sanity
and found this rose..."

"It is the time of resurrection,
the time of eternity.
It is the time of generosity,
the sea of lavish splendor.
The treasure of gifts has come,
its shining has flamed out.
See, the rose garden of love
is rising from the world's agony."

In the deep of winter, assidously working to give up its ghost, I experience Love Divine in so many permutations, a blessed gift of grace received, so unmerited, so exquisite, and so miraculous, like a rose blooming in December...


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