Life as Practice - Redux

I continue to reflect on the notion, the observation, and the reality - that life is practice, and practice is life - as I teach and sub for a number of yoga classes this week, and as I reflect on my own life, its most pressing interior issues and concerns, and the work that I must do and am currently engaged in...

I remember how not too long ago, during meditation, a beautiful mantra arose from deep within my heart, unfolding simply, and softly whispering to my soul,

"Everything in God, and God in everything..."

I recall insights that brought such solace, from Sally Kempton, the gifted meditation teacher, who observed, that spiritual development is never linear, but spirals forward and backwards, as if in a dance, as we evolve and expand, sometimes needing to retreat and drawn in, before we can journey more deeply in our growth...

Once again, I am touched by an essay of hers - I read it in the late evening, before bed, and it beautifully encourages and suggests the dedication of blessings as a spiritual practice. When we bless others, we are able to transform, transcend, and heal the limiting aspects of our relationships and experiences. To bless another is truly a sacred practice - and to bless another, endows us with the capacity to give life!

Life is practice, and practice is life, because grace is everywhere. There is nowhere that grace is not - ever! When we practice - we proclaim our blessings and radiate our heart energy to others, ever grounded in Divine love and grace, weaving the strands of our souls together into a beautiful tapestry, because we ARE all truly one, always - in each and every moment...

This brings to mind, the words of a dear soul friend who at Christmas affirmed that we are always one in God's Heart who is the source of all Love...

This musically gifted soul reminds me again today, that her intention is to strive daily to dedicate everything to God. Each note, every word, and all steps gently taken, on this earth."

Everything is practice. Everything life offers is practice, and practice engages every aspect of life...

Sally Kempton wisely observes that "when another heart cell - not even from the same heart - is placed near it, the dying cell comes back to life. And once that bond between the two cells is established, they go on supporting one another over distance..."

Again, this serves as a gentle reminder, that life is practice, and practice is life - for at the heart of practice, that's what we do - we engender life - thus giving life to all whom we encounter, every soul in need...

And in the early evening, after meditation, or perhaps before, I can no longer remember when it happened, I quietly pen these words in silent practice...

Life as Practice

Life is practice.
And practice is life.

When we are aware,
Conscious, and awake,
Life is practice.

When we reach out,
And serve those in need,
Life is practice.

When we are present
To the moment,
And whatever it brings,
Life is practice.

When we reflect
The Divine,
In our words
And our actions,
Life is practice.

When we step
Off the mat,
And go into the world--
We do so knowing,
Life is practice
And practice is life.


Such spirtual and many faceted, profound thoughts. Thank you!

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