Be So Drunk With the Love of God

Deep into the night, I read these words, that Paramahansa Yogananda once spoke to Sri Daya Mata, the woman entrusted with leading the organization he established:

"Be so drunk with the love of God
that you will know nothing else but God;
and give that love to all!"

Yogananda says this, in response to a question asked by Sri Daya Mata, who cannot imagine how his work will continue without him.

Sri Daya Mata recently passed, after leading the Self-Realization Fellowship that Yogananda established and entrusted with his teachings and writings. She was the spiritual mother of Yogananda's disciples and devotees for 55 years - having assumed its direction in 1955, the year that I was born.

I reflect on how this incredible woman, was faithful to her Guru for my entire life span...

But, I am also deeply moved by these words, and try to imagine what it would be like to embody them, in every moment, experience, encounter - and even beyond that - in every thought and action as well...

I think to myself, I cannot know if I myself can do this, but I would like to die trying!

I also think of a few souls I know that are trying to live in this way, and think of what a different world this is - because there are some special and gentle spirits willing, with their very lives, to make a difference, by becoming embodied prayer...

To be so drunk with the love of God - that nothing else matters - and that we channel that love into the love of others - whether we deem them loveable or not. This is truly the goal of every spiritual path...

The sacred text of the Hindus, The Bhagavad Gita, a sacred song that the Divine sings to all of us, teaches that we can only act, but have no right to the fruit of our actions, for that belongs solely to God...

All anyone can do - all I can try to do - is to be so drunk with the love of God - as best as I can - and offer it up - as an act of love - and as the ultimate act of devotion.

Can I do that? I do not know. But I would like to die trying!


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