Between Mahasamadhi's

Every year, I wait for one very special day: The day in between the Mahasamadhi of Paramahansa Yogananda and that of his own guru, Sri Yukteswar, just separated by a mere day...

Yogananda's Mahasamadhi is on the 7th of March - and Sri Yukteswar's, is on the 9th.

I like to think that Yogananda left his body to be with his own teacher and master on his day. I can imagine the party they had, and like good friends, imagine they stayed up all night getting caught up in each other's lives! (Not that they really needed to do that!)

A mahasamadhi, is the "conscious exit" from the body and a particular lifetime by a great being when his or her task is done. It is something that all great gurus and lamas in both the Hindu and Buddhist traditions strive to attain, by living a life enriched by dedicated spiritual practices.

It is said, that on the day of a great being's mahasamadhi, they are more present, and the attention they give to prayers and special requests is amplified.

And so, I have often considered that place in between - very sacred, and pregnant with the Divine...

This year, I find myself in between what was - and what is - or what is becoming in my life. This year, spring is arriving early, and buds are on all sorts of trees - Bradford Pears and Cherry trees of all varieites, and first blooms are in evidence everywhere...

On Thursday, that day in between, I began with a craniosacral session with my gifted therapist. She noted that while my adrenals were a little depleted, I had weathered the storm within my yoga community remarkably well.

Then, it was on to a meeting with members of my local yoga community, followed by my giving a client a Reiki session, in the late afternoon. As I internally chanted the "jumons" (Reiki mantras), I found myself becoming the Reiki energy itself in that place devoid of any separation. It was a beautiful space to be in. Later, I sent energy to a friend's newborn baby, undergoing surgery, and to others so in need of prayers, such as a friend presently acting as "midwife" to her own father's transition from this life...

A mahasamadhi is a conscious transition from one plane of existence to another. At least, this is how I like to conceive of it. On this day in between, I decided that from now on - I would try to exercise more conscious choices regardling how I live my life, how I teach, and how I choose to interact with others, and how to just be who I am...

After all, St. Francis de Sales once wrote to those in his care: "Be who you are, and be that well..."

Yogani, an anonymous teacher of meditation and advanced yoga techniques, whose teachings are available online, always ends his - or her entries with this simple reminder: "The Guru is in You." In other words, the true teacher is always within.

I've shared before, that my favorite quote from Mother Teresa of Calcutta is: "God speaks in the silence of the heart, and we listen." If we are willing pay attention, signs always come.

On this day between mahasamdhi's and beyond, I am reminded once again, that life is a series of transitions. Lord knows I've undergone enough of them in the last decade to keep my head spinning. The question becomes for all of us - regardless of our life circumstances - will we transition consciously? Will we transition by listening to our hearts and following its inner dictates, without being swayed by others or attaching to the surrounding drama of life's circumstances? it is never easy, but the rewards are great.

Today, and every day in between - transition consciously. And fearlessly. And maybe one day, you, and I - will also leave this life consciously...


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