Beautiful and Fullness

Amy Ippoliti, a senior Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher, considers the meaning of a word we often use lightly in her latest newsletter...


She ponders:

"What does beautiful really mean?

It means that it is full (purna). Your year may have started out with a bang of triumph and happiness or it could have started with deep challenge, grief or loss, or somewhere in between, but ultimately it is FULL. Beautiful. It is all happening as part of being alive.

Every day I am grateful for the teachings of our yoga which help me see the beautiful even when I perceive my circumstances, and the pains of others as tough or unbearable..."

How often do we think of beautiful as embodying fullness?

How often do we find that what most challenges us also makes us richer and more full?

Truly, it is something to think about...

Last night I began taking my yoga class again. It was the start of a new session.

I looked around the room and there was so so much love and beauty radiating from dedicated practitioners I genuinely cared about.

I felt full.

I decided not to struggle so much anymore in my practice but to enjoy it more in the company of this supportive group. I decided I would accept what is.

My teacher's theme for the class and new session was - "the sky is the limit."

We were invited to reach for the stars as we became trees and went from pose to pose in what almost seemed like a dance.

I drove home basking in the beauty of the evening - thinking of spontaneous hugs given and so many well wishes received.

I felt full.


Jackie said…
I'm momentarily and without malice jealous. I've been thinking today about how to come back to my practice and I hope I embrace it with as great an open heart.

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