I return in the afternoon after a blissful two hours spent in meditation with a community of Yogananda devotees.

There is great power in meditating with a group - regardless of how experienced one may be at the practice of meditation. I find such opportunities transformational and I am able to dive more deeply into the experience. Every word and reading seemed meant for me this morning.

If I were to summarize the readings and the theme of the morning - I would do so with this quote from Man's Eternal Quest by Yogananda:

"The man who is calm and even-minded
during pain and pleasure,
the one whom these things cannot ruffle,
he alone is fit to attain everlastingness."

The time passed swiftly as I went inside and reflected on readings from the Gospel of John, the Bhagavad Gita, and the writings of Yogananda, interspersed throughout periods of meditation.

On my way out, I picked up two flyers from a rack of free literature.

One was the Spanish translation of my favorite prayer and poem by Yogananda:
God! God! God!

Here entitled: Dios! Dios! Dios!

My favorite verse which is also the last one, rendered here in Spanish:

"Al despertar, al comer, al trabajar, al dormir, al sonar,
al servir, al meditar, al cantar, al amar divinamente,
por siempre mi alma exhala un solo son, silente:
Dios! Dios! Dios!"

Last Sunday I reflected on this prayer and shared it in my blog entry. Here is the last verse again:

"In waking, eating, working, dreaming, sleeping,
Serving, meditating, chanting, divinely loving,
My soul constantly hums, unheard by any:
God! God! God!"


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