Mejda - The Young Yogananda

As I delve deeper into this fertile time of reading, studying, reflecting, meditating, and writing - I am immersing myself much more completely in the writings and teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda.

I am currently enjoying the book - Mejda - a portrait of the early life of Yogananada written by his younger brother and early companion - Sananda Lal Ghosh.

This comes from a review of the book I wrote for Amazon:

"For anyone who has ever read, loved, and been profoundly impacted by a reading of Paramahansa Yogananda's Autobiography of a Yogi - Mejda is an indispensable companion to this classic work.

"Mejda" is a term of endearment given to the second eldest brother in a Bengali family. This book presents a very intimate portrait of Yogananda by Sananda Lal Gosh - who was not only Yogananda's younger brother, but also his companion, friend, and ultimately devotee.

The book fills in many gaps about Yogananda's childhood and documents amazing events about his life that are supernatural, heart-warming, and inspirational. I came away with a greater sense of repect and awe and a deeper appreciation for Yogananda - whose life, work, and priceless gift of Kriya Yoga to lay men and women in the West are simply beyond measure..."

One of my favorite anecdotes involves a young Yogananda and a friend who decide to meditate throughtout the night until they see God. Sananda recalls his brother's words:

"If a devotee prays wholeheartedly,
'Lord, You must come to me,' He will appear.
When the devotee's prayer
spreads the sincere longing of his heart
into the very atoms of the universe,
where then can God hide?
He will have to reveal Himself."

The two boys meditate fervently and as dawn approaches, Yogananda's friend is ready to quit believing the task they set for themselves was unattainable.

Just at that moment, the young Yogananda becomes entranced by a vision of God. However, his friend does not see the vision and is disappointed. Yogananda then touches his friend's heart - who is then able to see the same vision with his own eyes. Tears flowed from both of their eyes and they bowed down humbly to God.

The lesson here was a simple one. It is never too late to seek God. Seek Him with all your heart, your mind, and your soul - and He will come to you. There is no task that is more important.


Prashy said…
I was reading Mejda. but then stopped. But it is really a good book. Here is my blog website...
Ms Princy said…
hey i'm reading this book too..and i love it :)

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