Prayers of Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Last night I finally allowed myself to finish the book - Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light - a collection of her private writings and letters - which not only disclosed the most intimate state of her soul - but were never meant for publication. I had been savoring these letters for months.

Here are some excerpts from the book - particularly some of her prayers. No matter what one's religious tradition or spirituality - Mother Teresa's fervent passion can be easily recognized and appreciated by all devout hearts:

Jesus in my heart,
I believe in your faithful love for me.
I love you...

In union with all the Masses being offered
throughout the world,
I offer Thee my heart.
Make it humble and meek like yours...

Jesus is the Word - to be spoken.
Jesus is the Truth - to be told.
Jesus is the Way -- to be walked.
Jesus is the Light - to be lit.
Jesus is the Life to be lived.
Jesus is the Love to be loved.
Jesus is the Joy - to be shared...

The fruit of silence is prayer.
The fruit of prayer is faith.
The fruit of faith is love.
The fruit of love is service.
The fruit of service is peace...

And this final excerpt, was written to her sisters, exemplifying the true vocation of a Missionary of Charity:

True love is surrender.
The more we love -
the more we surrender.
If we truly love souls
we must be ready to take their place...
It is only thus that we make ourselves
their means and them our end.

We must be living holocausts,

for the world needs us as such.
For by giving the little we possess,
we give all - and there is no limit
to the love that prompts us to give.

To give oneself so completely to God

is to be...the victim of His unwanted love -
the love that made the heart of God
love men so much...
We have to satiate the thirst
of an Infinite God, dying of love...

I closed the book shortly thereafter, in awe and genuine respect which prompted me to renew my commitment to do everything with love and to make every act, an act of devotion.


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