Slow Down and Be in the Moment

These quotes invite us all to slow down - and to live in the present moment - for now is the only time there is...

"The soul requires duration of time -
rich, thick, deep, velvety time - and
it thrives on rhythm.
Soul can't be hurried or harried...
We may go through many events
in the day and experience nothing
because the soul has not had
the opportunity to feel them
from many points of view."
- Robert Sardello

"We must not allow the clock
and the calendar to blind us
to the fact that each moment of life
is a miracle and a mystery."
- H.G. Wells

"The well of Providence is deep.
It's the buckets we bring to it
that are small."
- Mary Webb

"The only time you ever have
in which to learn anything
or feel anything,
or express any feeling or emotion,
or respond to an event,
or grow,
or heal,
is this moment,
because this is the only moment
any of us ever gets.
You're only here now;
you're only alive in this moment."
- Jon Kabat-Zinn

"Very few of us know how much
we can put into life if we use it properly,
wisely, and economically.
Let us economize our time -
lifetimes ebb away before we wake up,
and that is why we do not realize
the value of the immortal time
God has given us."
- Paramahansa Yogananda


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