I conclude a week that was filled with light, and peace, and contentment - and begin another in which my soul is inhabited by grace...

I begin this Sunday morning by sitting in meditation and aligning my spirit with those members of the local SRF Community also meditating at this time...

I review the recent days and marvel at the many gifts bestowed and the myriad of opportunities encountered for love and grace...

I rejoice in all the experiences of God's Presence...

I think of my friend and college roommate - Karen - whose birthday is today - but we won't mention how many years!

And I sit and savor these two passages from Paramahansa Yogananda that describe the lessons I have been learning, experiencing, and embodying...

"The saints stress nonattachment
so that one strong point
of material attachment
may not prevent our attaining
the entire kingdom of God.
Renunciation does not mean
giving up everything;
it means giving up small pleasures
for eternal bliss."
- From How You Can Talk to God

"Renunciation is not an end,
it is the means to an end.
The real renunciant
is he who lives for God first,
regardless of his outer mode
of existence.
To love God
and conduct your life

to please Him -
that is what matters.
When you will do that,
you will know the Lord."
- From Man's Eternal Quest

And I realize that for the first time in a long time - I have felt light and joyous and free...

Blessings are all around...


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