A River of Grace

A couple of days ago, I was inspired to change my email address.

I sent an email notification to my friends saying this:

"I have been internally led to create a new email account that more appropriately reflects who I am and where I am today...

A river of grace...

This reflects my going to the river - and river motif in many of my writings the past few months - the role grace has played in my life - and continues to play - it was the closest thing I could come to without changing my name. In many ways I feel I have stepped into a new life - and new incarnation - dying and rising without physically doing so."

A friend who has known me for almost two decades and has witnessed many changes wrote:

"Congratulations as you travel further on your journey. Fascinating to watch and see where this road, or river, takes you dear friend."

I will maintain my previous address and business one - but this seemed like the right thing to do.

Afterwards I created another - riveryogini...

Both of these will be used interchangeably and will allow me to not attach to one or the other...Each one is symbolic of my journey on so many levels...


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