A Life Lived as a Labor of Love

I recently received notice that a direct disciple of Paramahansa Yogananada transitioned on February 6th. Her name was Mukti Mata and she touched many lives...

This comes from a tribute to her from the Self-Realization Fellowship web site and I was very moved by the beauty and simplicity of her words:

"She had a special gift for always
making problems seem manageable,

and often said about the challenges
we face in daily life:

'These are meant
to strengthen us,

and to teach us
the real purpose
for which we are here.'

She also counseled:

'The truth is, that everything
that happens to you

is designed to free you
from the limited consciousness
of the ego

and reunite you with God.

With each challenge
you gain knowledge,
wisdom, and strength.

Ultimately you become
profoundly grateful for everything

that happens to you,
because you realize

it is all for your highest good.'"

I found these words not only comforting, but to be very true.

If we focused on the essence of this simple teaching, we would suffer less because we would truly acknowledge and realize the essence of the True Self.

On this day I experience the anniversary of three crucial events that happened to me a year ago - all intersecting at the same time and which catapulted me into experiencing significant changes and incredible healing.

Had I internalized this teaching then, my life may have been a gentler ride throughout these many months...

But then, it is never too late to learn a lesson and embody its wisdom.


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