Writing and Journaling

The day has literally gotten away from me. Daylight is waning and it is nearly time to meditate...

I will save the last two Rumi poems I wanted to share for tomorrow.

Instead, I begin this new month by sharing these two quotes which affirm the importance of writing and journaling...

"To write spiritually
is to engage in a search
for authentic language.
You'll find your truth
by writing your way to it."
- Patrice Vecchione

"The positive thing about writing
is that you connect with yourself
in the deepest way,
and that's heaven.
You get the chance
to know who you are,
to know what you think.
You begin to have a relationship
with your mind."
- Natalie Goldberg

And I would add - you have a relationship with your soul as well. Writing has played such an integral part in my life - indeed - in all lifetimes - that I cannot imagine life without this form of expression.

In my office, I have a bookshelf of journals and poetry books going back to age 15. There are even portions of novels and a smattering of other works here and there. Writing of some sort has been the one constant in my life.

If you haven't discovered the joy of journaling - give it a try. You ultimately write to know yourself in the deepest, truest way.


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