You Teach to Learn

Yesterday I gave the workshop on the Yoga Sutras that I had been diligently preparing to facilitate these last few weeks, and it was truly an enjoyable experience!

During my preparation and reflections before and after its presentation - I was reminded how we often teach in order to know and learn the lessons we need to imbibe...

We write for the same reasons...

I realized that the opportunity to teach this workshop at the wonderful community of Golden Heart Yoga in Annapolis - enabled me to more deeply learn and understand the lessons of the last few months in my life. It gave me a greater sense of clarity and insight.

The group taking the workshop could not have been any better and the time truly flew for me!

This morning, as I turned the page over in my Yoga Planner for the week - I read the description on the Heart Sutra for this new week - and felt that it complemented not only my experience in teaching this workshop - but the essential message I tried to convey:

"The Heart Sutra is the refined wisdom of the Buddha
expressing the insight of nonattachment
and emptiness to cultivate universal love,
kindness, and compassion.
The masters say that within this sutra
lies the secret of life.
It addresses the great illusion
most of us have in believing that the body
and mind are the sum total of who we are.
The Heart Sutra can provide a 'shortcut to enlightenment,'
revealing the essence...and joy of our true nature..."

This is really the great lesson - the one I not only sought to convey - but which I was led to more deeply imbibe and integrate.

After meditating this morning I marveled at how the hand of God works in our lives and how everything comes together as it should.

Eventually we come to live every aspect of our lives from the vantage point of our True Self and from a commitment to God as the first, and foremost love in our lives...

That is all there is...


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